Jye Byrnes Single Fin

Jye Byrnes Six Channel Single Fin Whether you want to ride the high line or just have a whole lot of fun, the 6 channel single fin model will allow you to pivot and flow along the wave. This seventies inspired outline features a modern fusion of performance elements. The 6 channel single fin model is a board of class and style. This model has been glassed to the highest quality with a selection of opaque resin tints to quench that thirst. The board is finished to a silky smooth matte finish and in the end, that's what surfing is all about! Length:

Jye Byrnes Single Fin (6'2")

Jye Byrnes Single Fin (6'4")

Jye Byrnes Single Fin (6'6") Tail: Rounded pin Fin Setup: 8 box fin included Tail: Diamond tail Types of Waves: Small to large: 1ft-8ft Sizing (inches):√Ç20 1/4 (width), x 2 3/4 (thickness), x 40.5 (litres)   Note: The purchase price does not include freight and free shipping promotions do not apply. Upon purchase Deus will contact you with a shipping quotation to be paid separately via PayPal Payment Request. Delivery within Australia starts at $50, delivery internationally starts at $250. Please contact james@deuscustoms.com and info@deuscustoms.com for further information.