Joe Dirt

this Suzuki DR650 has been with us for some time and has proven to be a solid rig- More enduro than dirt racer. Deus raced dirt track on a modified DR some years ago, so Jeremy, chieftain of the Deus Camperdown workshop, decided to lift some of those ideas for the build before you. Straight up, lace the wheel set from 21" front 17" rear, to a more traditional dirt dwelling 19" front 18" rear. Suspension cops a make over with the front fork internals fettled to lower the stance, while out back newly machined custom spec dog bones replace the stock puppies. The rear spring rate is also changed for slightly more squat under acceleration. Body styling comes by way of Custom Deus glass fibre rear section to accommodate the standard seat, which is tastefully reupholstered. More glass fibre for the front fender, low and surreptitious in gloss black. Paint designed comes from Deus resident Saxon Shing and is finished in high gloss, from Dutchy, of Dutchy's Motorcycle paint. Bates style headlight with custom grill sit below a daytona speedo, custom bars and Posh indicators. The standard header snakes its way to a rather open Danmoto muffler to yield a healthy growl from the big single. This Joe keeps on keeping on whether it's a CBD black top or the dirty back roads out of town. No acid wash or mullet for this Joe.