The Indonesian Two Stroke Blokes

The “Geng Tril Tua” as the vintage two-stroke aficionados call themselves in Indonesia has been slowly making converts from one end of the archipelago to the other. You could really see the increased numbers who modify their motorcycles with the style of the classic trail bikes at the Regional community National’s Event that took place in Purwakarta, West Java. August 17-18 was an Annual Event of the “Geng Tril Tua” community called "Arisan Tril Tua" which roughly translates to the Regular Social Gathering of the Vintage Trail Bikes. Although they applied a very interesting concept to the whole shindig. Firstly, there was the selection of venue. They’d all set up camp on the edge of a beautiful lake in Paranggombong Purwakarta. Secondly, the communities members came from all over Indonesia because to this event specifically for the variety of the various activities to commemorate Indonesia's 73rd Independence Day. There was a Duathlon trail, a fun trip as a group braaping about the area. Fun Game and of course as day dipped and night took the stage, a Live Music event. Our Friend Giang Alam Wardani (@gianggaw) went along, infact there wasn’t a hope in hades to not let him go. He’d travelled there with his mates from Batukaras-cijulang (Kurawa Mottah) and as per usual, was representing Deus Ex Machina at the Event, mind you there wasn’t a Fun Race Event which is usually Giang’s main objective at these Vintage Trail Events. Giang told us that it was fantastic as well as really very fitting, as he is the Man from his area to be able to meet and gather with the likeminded of the Classic Trail Motorists of Indonesia. When the Arisan Tril Tua event volume 5 wrapped up, Giang and his mates didn’t return immediately to Batukaras instead doing a deviation that took them via Bandung for the "Indonesian Independence Day Race". The event took place on the 19 August at the BRP Sariwangi circuit in Bandung. It was here that Giang got to ride in his Fun Event, in fact he went in 3 of the 4 categories, competing in the Vintage Trail 100cc, the Vintage Trail modification and the Vintage FFA. In his first class he was riding his 1977 Yamaha DT 100 . He’d had his local mechanic recently overhaul the entire bike which allowed Giang to keep up with the other riders. In very dusty and hot conditions. Giang posted a very respectable second place. In the Vintage FFA category, Giang swapped bikes and took up his eighties Yamaha YZ 125. Positioned well back in the pack with a start number of 78, Giang spent the race working through the order. Niggling away and slowly passing the other riders, many of whom had a hell of a lot more experience finally pushing through the gates in 5th place.   Photos by Jim waw @wawawsrynn