Honda with a twist of Deus

Sunday was Custom Honda Day in Denpasar Bali so Deus threw a couple recent builds into the mix of metal and paintwork and happily walked away with a trophy. The award winning bike, the 'Bali Bloodnok', was recently blogged exposing it's bare aluminium tank and raw charm to the world.
Well some bikes just love the limelight so out she went with a buddy and got amongst it at Honda's "HOCS" 2011 (Honda Oto Contest) Custom Bike festival.
There was a plethora of chromed and painted wonders awaiting judgement in various categories, Non Fering Racer being the class that Deus found themselves in. Congratulations to the Bike building crew here at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Just goes to show how much enthusiasm there is bouncing around that Bengkel.