Hell On Wheels Dirt Classic

Where does one find a rich mixture of euphoria, excitement, and complete terror? Some people go looking for it on the 13th floor of the Bangkok Hilton, but we found it in the slide area at Hell on Wheels’s Hot August Nights Dirt Track Classic at Perris Raceway last Saturday August 10th. As a part of a 3-event Grand Prix, the beautiful debacle went off in true Meatball fashion. Folks turned up from every nook and cranny of the Southern Californian moto community with all forms of motorized dirt slidin’ machines. No bike showed up that didn’t have a class to race in, many of them riding to the event itself in true run-what-you-brung fashion. From the professionally unprofessional Bixby Moto crew and their mini side car contraption to the fast and smooth Zeke Flanders who went home with more gold than Lil Wayne has in his grill, you could cut the enthusiasm with a butter knife that night. Track casualties included a handful of cracked engines, a pair of small fires, six medical grade sutures stapled in a lacerated leg, and a few broken fingers. Not half bad. Thank you Meatball for another crazy event!