Harrison Concept Fish

"For the Fish, I guess what I want is to take the best elements from the traditional keel fin fish that has been around for ever and bastardised by every shaper in the world and put our own take on it, improve it 's usability in not so great daily waves, make it a little more friendly for pushing harder in turns, better off and in the lip than the traditional keel fin fish, while not taking away from the speed, trim and down the line characteristic of the fish that make them so special. A more modern shortboard rail blended to a reasonably flat deck, low but just enough rocker, a single concave to slight vee double out the back from the fins, a slight hip or bump in the rail at the trailing edge of the fins to bring in the width of the swallow and allow it to release more for tighter top turns etc. Nothing to drastic just the right mix of subtle curves."