Good Vibrations treats people to a 'blast from the past' surf comp

The Good Vibrations surf competition was held yesterday...and what a day it was. Filled with sun, surf and single fin shenanigans. The event gave its guests a chance to chill out on Canggu beach and watch locals, pro's and your average Joe's battle it out in a 'blast from the past' surf comp straight outta the 70's
Ride any shape pre '82 was the only rule, with some competitors going all out, sporting retro surf apparel and facial hair that would make Tom Selleck weep.
After it was all said and done the party moved to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm for a good ol' fashioned prize giving. Finalists received some custom 'fin bling' curtosy of the Smokin' Skull and overall winner Asher Pacey was the proud recipient of a brand new Deus Customs shred stick.
The party kicked into overdrive when the 'single fin' exhibit merged with the prize giving and we had both surfers and art aficionados under one roof.
(Due to the hazy line between the prize giving ending and the art exhibit starting, photos of the comp winners are coming in the next post!)