“Good times boys, good times…”

Fact, we here at The Temple feel that the Island is a better place when “Doc and Jake” are in town. Now were not trying to jerk your crank, its just a fact. They come over to join us and they get right into it, getting tattoos, getting on the piss having French toast with ice cream on top, sliding as many waves they can, and also fixing us up with new boards for folks to ride. This trip the “Dua” foamed a plethora of sleds for the racks as well as some for the crew. They did traditional logs for the blokes as well as the dames, a custom sled for Husni, a few Espressos, a few custom single fin mid lengths for our ol mate Roberto and Grasshopper to name a few. As well as abstract art and glassing on the limited edition Bob Mctavish step decks available now, as well as 4 limited edition spoons (but that’s a whole other blog coming down the pipe)

Jarred Mel from California worked with Thomas to shape a stick to bring back to California for the up coming Duct Tape Invitational in Huntington Beach. So as you see they were balls out on all aspects of the spectrum, they came in guns a blazing and left on the midnight flight home, 3 weeks later, dare I say it was to short, not for them, will see you next time boys, and thanks for skipping out on yer bar tab…