The infamous Kawasaki W650, a familiar face in the Deus workshop; a motorcycle that chief grease monkey Jeremy could assemble with his eyes closed at this point (The only thing standing in his way are those pesky workplace safety guidelines) And just when you thought there was no other direction we could take this parallel twin- along came Goldy.

After the compulsory tear down to bare bones and rubber Jeremy set to work affixing the slim TT style aluminum tank, high stainless steel front fender and stainless rear fender, with a custom built set of side covers and a scrambler bench seat rounding out the body work. Goldy was then treated to a plethora of top shelf goodies including PBM 3 in 1 indicators, Highsider headlight, Daytona Velona speedo and Rizoma reverse retro mirrors. Custom Ikon shocks plant the Pirelli Rally tyres firmly to the blacktop while DNA filters and the SC Project exhausts work in perfect harmony to create a perfect symphony of suck, squeeze and BANG!

Keeping with the less is more theme the frame, wheels and fiddly bits were powder coated in a satin black finish. While the engine and tank were left raw and brushed. Custom sand cast badges complete the look.

Minimalism is the name of the game for Goldy, not too much not too little; Just right.

Build by Jeremy Tagand
Photography by Kenyon Batterson