Gladak Sessions No.4 - Sons of The East

Live music has been part of the Deus Temple's foundation from pretty much day dot, with amazing artists passing through its courtyard, both well known and underground. Which is why we were super stoked that our good mates, Sons Of The East, were here for the recent 9ft and Single festivities.

Sons Of The East are a three piece Alternative Folk band of all around legends from Sydney, who in their own words "pride themselves on rowdy, raucous and oh so rambunctious live shows, working off what they call the 'tear-jerkers' and the 'boot-stompers.' Their sound is a saucy, heterogeneous melting pot of diverse indie sounds and sundry folk melodies; a multifarious and motley mix of banjo, organ, piano, guitar, stirring harmonies and the occasional didgeridoo. The result is a modern, alternative folk sound that draws on truly eclectic influences from far and wide, but somehow winds up feeling like home. In other words... It's good.

We have used their tracks in both the South to Sian movie and the 9ft and Single documentary coming out next week. While they were here and after a few beers, another good friend and filmmaker, Andrew Gough, directed a music video while we live recorded a new instalment of the 'Deus Gladak Sessions' - setting them up in one of our 100 year old wooden structures and letting them do what they do best.

Here's what happened, Enjoy!