Getting down to the Grain

- Words and Photos by guest blogger UK Jamie.
After a condescending summary from Julian Z on blogging in a succinct and successful way, I'll do my best to be brief and maybe even funny.The images below are shot on 35mm film. Why would anyone do that? Well there are a few reasons. Firstly I sold my digital camera In Australia and distributed the cash amongst various drinking establishments along the East coast. This put a stop to my photography until I stumbled across a Film body I always wanted on Ebay and found an old box at home with some very out of date film in it. I went and shot some rolls and just kept at it. It quickly became an addiction.
The anticipation of not knowing what you have until it's developed, it's like Christmas morning at 5 years old, the first time I pick up the negatives and hold them against the window light it's the same feeling some get from standing at the beach watching perfect waves just before you paddle out. Pure excitement. So here's the shots I took while hanging with the guy's here at Deus Bali on those wonderful days that start with the circular sun breaching the horizon and end in raising a few glasses to a glowing green triangle reflecting itself perfectly in a disco ball helmet. Gotta love those Sundays!