Garden Isle Grand Prix Wrap Up Video

We all know the Hawaiian Islands are an amazing destination. A glorious place boasting beautiful beaches, picturesque valleys, and more than its fair share of unreal natural beauty. Filled with resorts of all kinds, golf courses a plenty and rife with all manner of opportunities for leisure. An archipelago of eight major islands, several atolls, numerous smaller islets and seamounts loosely gathered together and plonked smack bang in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean.

What you didn’t know, that you really want to know, is how we got the invite to go race our 40+ year old dirt bikes at the 68th Annual Garden Isle Grand Prix on the island of Kauai… It all came about from an out of the blue call, one of those calls where we had no other choice than to say yes!

We raced, we laughed, we made new friends, and we drank more than a few cold ones. Aloha and stoke was shared by all and we all walked away with one hell of a good time in the bank. 

We have to say a huge thank you to GTeee for bringing us Haole’s together and introducing us to Rick Hurst, his family and all of the crew at the Club Moto Kauai, to whom we offer a massive thank you all for having us. Just so you know, we are already making plans for the 69th Annual Garden Isle Grand Prix!

...are you coming too?

Big thanks to Club Moto Kauai and Gteee
Riders - Forrest Minchinton & Nick Lapaglia
Super 8 Footage: Willynillyknowsbest