Four world premieres at the Deus Film Festival

After last years premiere of South to Sian, we decided a line had been drawn in the beach sand. Onward and upward. We hadn't been idle these past 12 months, we had created some pretty cool original content to hold our own, so the idea of a Temple spun Film Festival was born. We transformed the backyard into an outdoor cinema, complete with big screen and seating for a packed house to enjoy four world premieres. Little did they know when we sat them down in the yard we had locked and loaded enough visual delight that we were gonna make them peepers weep. We don't want to give away too much, as all the films will be available for you guys to watch in the coming weeks, but we had a packed house of stoked individuals who we kept in the seats for over two hours. Try that at home. Kicking things off we had 'Scramble Gamble', 4 guys, in search of waves on wheels; 4 bikes, 8 boards and, depending on who you ask, a desputed numbers of fins and chains. We moved sideways and a little north with 'BlackBoy' a video portrait of Deni Firdaus, an Indonesian longboarder whose life has been significantly changed and moulded on discovering and embracing surfing. Third round in the barrel was 'A Week Up West' a very toungue in cheek take on a trip to an idealic spot in the world to shape and surf boards in a remote location undertaken by Harrison Roach and Thomas Bexon. We finished the lot off with 'The Sian Journals'. A look behind the scenes of last years 'South To Sian'. At nearly an hour, it filled people with lower body itchin to get off up their butts out of their seats and go and get some adventure. MC's, Monty and Tyler Mars, a man whose been MIA from the Temple for what seems way too long to the regulars of these jungle drums, dragged those who were in, knew about or needed to drop their fifty cents worth in, up on stage to get the good oil on the why, where and what haves, before each of our four little celluloid edits. Epic night!