Fixed Drunk @ Warung of Simple Pleasures

First I heard about the event was at last Monday mornings meeting. It's a place where we nurse Sunday hangovers, drink coffee and catch up. The Oberoi Warung kids come to the Temple and we shoot the breeze. A bike event at Deus Oberoi the day before the big Motorcycle Show + Swap at Canggu. Now there's a novel idea.
Tony, all things fixed, Chrome, our resident bicycle guru asked if Fixed Drunk, one of the Balinese fixie communities, could host their trick event in the back yard at Oberoi on 2nd July. As you can imagine we were all chasing our tails sorting out lose ends for the Motorcycle Show + Swap, I looked up from the doodle I had been masterfully creating thinking 'here we go, my workload is about to double', but the funny thing was they didn't need a thing, sure there was a couple of physical items, stuff we had, but other than that it was all organised. They had sponsors, prizers, announcers, a PA, drinks... the lot. Knowing that we were all head down they went and did. Bravo!
The day got underway at two. Events included the Wheelie comp, Accuracy Skid comp, Last Man Standing Track-stand and of course the Trick Comp. The awesome thing about the fixed gear community in Bali is even though I know a lot of them, there is always new faces at every ride I go to. Fantastic to see.
Maxi, one of the Deus groms, took out 2nd in the skid and 4th in the Track-stand. Love ya work! As a judge Tony Chrome wasn't able to compete but he did get time to take a couple of candids for your viewing pleasure.