Fin Soup

Track: "I Like to Surf" by Gantez Warrior Fin Soup was a cook off which called for two cups of both fined and un-finned ingredients, a cut of surf-swap, a dash of live music and one dozen shapers. Hailing from the corners of San Diego, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, and as far as Japan, the most renowned chefs came by to demonstrate and show us what they have been cooking up and takin out... *Note: Fin Soup is best enjoyed chilled with one fin. A special thanks goes out to all who participated, including: Seea, Yellow Rat, Alva Surfcraft, Kookbox, Mason Dyer Brand, The Piapo Society, 4th Gear Flyers, Wegener, Schuyler Creative, Josh Hall Surfboards, Brink Surfboards, Bing Surfboards, The Longboard Collectors Club, and Sherman for fixin' our boards! Also, The Imposters', Gantez Warrior, and The Hindu Pirates for keepin' our toes a tappin and fingers snapin'!