Far away in time… Java Chapters No.2

First few days in any new place you find yourself with a whole lotta nervous energy that needs exorcising. Excitement and spontaneous actions ruled the roost, we embraced it and it's rollercoaster like ride. Then slowly, almost imperceivable, you settle into the routine of life around you. It swallows you up, if you let it. Like the jungle at the end of the village, that's what happened to us in this hamlet on the edge of civilization. Like Alice before us we slipped into another dimension. A shift in time, slower. A trick of the light. People's faces took on smiles. Far cry from the world of frowns we'd left behind. Our world shrank to our immediate surroundings. the people, the place and the waves. We rode our point daily. Two maybe three times. And in between took excursions with new friends up rivers and around town, embracing a land that time forgot. It became a new friend of ours. Welcoming. Accommodating, amused by our antics, and accepting of our differences. And then it was over. Woke up, on the road, traveling, Bali bound. Back for the Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest. This wasn't a goodbye, more a see you soon.