Faces of 9ft & Single

Every year since we have opened, in the last week of May, we welcome friends, family and the general public to the Temple of Enthusiasm for weekend of surf inspired activities in an event called the Deus 9ft & Single. From the Womp comp and the Shapers forum to the various surf competitions, the event that started as a humble gathering of mates has quickly gained traction through various circles of friends, becoming larger each and every year.

This last event was our 6th installment and saw a bunch of people from different walks of life come together through a love of surfing. Our good friend and talented photographer, Lockie Marley, was there through the long weekend capturing it all. During his time spent snapping, he took perch in the Deus Studio and coaxed passing contestants to come in and get their portraits taken both pre and post event.

Here is a collection of faces from this sessions, some old, some new but all smiling. We hope to see everyone again here at the Temple of Enthusiasm next year for the next chapter in the 9ft saga, bring your friends!

If you havent seen it, click here to check out the mini documentary we made on the last event.