Easy Tiger… A HONDA GL-200

A lil’ Brat style bike with oodles of sex appeal is something that the client ordered, quite literally.

Talk about an easy, and at the same time, a quite strange process. It all started with a text message on WhatsApp from a lady in Jakarta asking could we build her a BratStyle motorbike. Then while that conversation was going on things got distracting when she also buys one of the KLX flat Track bikes we built for SlidetoberFest 2017. It needed a street kit but that was nothing we couldn’t handle.

All the while messages went back and forth about this build and two months ago funds were committed and we began in earnest. The donor bike was selected, a Honda Tiger, which is an Indonesian produced GL 200. Being a wee lass, we also agreed upon a low riding height. Bigger rims from an SR were sourced and shod in Firestone tires to put it on a secure footing and give it a nice visual solidity. Posh switches and indicators add proper respect to the Japanese classics. A gloss black paint job on top of bigger front forks and leveled out with a perfectly balanced new subframe adorned with a perfectly padded seat.  Basically, she has everything set up for a win.

The Bengkel boys also went to town on handmade parts from turning all the pegs and control gear out of billet Aluminium to their normal additions such as a handmade ally tank, front and back fenders, some covers and a host of bits and bods and we think they have produced one hell of a classy ride. The bike was literally leveled to its entire sum of parts at one point when everything was either cleaned or replaced before being put reassembled with a Stainless fastener kit holding it all as one.

We have never met the buyer of now two Deus bikes. It's a bit of a given that she's a fan of the brand and we're hoping she will pop in one day to say hi and tell us how they are going. The Tiger was shipped off to Jakarta last week, we were more than a little sad to see it go. Now the question is will we ever catch a glimpse of it again or will it be swallowed up in the crazy capital on Indonesia.