As with all the good and funny things, also Dust & Fun Cup arrived at its last chapter.
The third date of this three-weekend flat track cup was also the very last one of the season, which meant that that was the last chance for many to gain position on the overall ranking board, which can be translated in "full throttle until the checkered flag".

With a cold start due to pouring rain on Saturday, the participants could relax enjoying a tasty bbq while getting in the mood with the screening "50 Years Of Wins" which made everyone tingling for getting in the track.

On Sunday the oval became a gladiator arena, where riders fought for every single meter. Off the track we were all friends and we had good time, but when racing speed was the only matter.

With so many cool bikes and riders taking part at the race, this last edition had lot of categories on the schedule: Vintage, Modern, Hooligans, Thunderbikes, Rookies, Ladies and Kids. 

A few fallings and some good close fights made the day a bath in adrenaline: sometimes breathtaking and always exiting. That's why we love flat track, a full immersion of emotions condensed in few intense hours.

Congratulation to all the winners that conquered the podium and to everyone for coming and making those days special. It's clear to everyone that Flat Track in not only about racing and bikes, but also about people.

Thanks Nico Sorbo (AKA Scugnizzo) for setting up such these amazing weekends at the track.

The official prize giving for the overall cup will be at the Deus Portal Club the 18th of November.

Stay tuned because many good news are coming up for the next season!

ph. @paolostrologomedia