Deus Tank Stack

Tank Custom built Bikes blood pumper 100% hand forged steel Here at Deus Ocular handshake Tank. Ok, so for those of you who still need a bit more than that… We here at Deus hand make every one of the tanks that sit on our bikes. From the first stage of sheet metal patterns, all the way to the finished product fresh out of our in house spray booth. Just looking at all these tanks will surely liberate the biker child within. As if you were looking at a Christmas tree on the morning of December 25th for the first time, just booming with different shapes and colours. We also dabble in polished aluminum alloy tanks, those we get from our fabricators in Japan. We assure you, we scoured the streets looking for the right man for the task and as can see he to, delivers the goods. Tanks, just consider them your bikes IV Bag, with out them you’d be running a bit dry…