Pull it apart and put it back together again. Deus Slidetoberfest, Deconstructed.

The Deus Slidetoberfest is probably one of the funnest things you can do while you're still breathing. In the past seven years, we had been honing the event to resemble everything we wanted to do in the best weekend of our lives. So you can understand our dismay two weeks ago, when the authorities told us we were not allowed to have any external events, the ban is spread across the entire Bali, for the first two weeks of October due to the IMF having a huge soiree in Nusa Dua, we were, quite naturally, gobsmacked. Months of preparations and a lot of hard work by a lot of people went down the gurgler. When life gives you limes, make yourself a margarita. People had booked tickets, bands had been contracted and well, we had all been looking forward to the gathering, the competitions and the party that was supposed to happen, and by crikey, we thought it still should, especially the party bit. And we did what we do and grabbed what once was and ripped it apart. But for the sake of this article, shall we say, deconstructed it. The night events weren't affected. Held within the four walls of the Deus Temple in Canggu we were able to carry on as usual. It was only the day events which we had historically done of beautiful beaches and jungle drenched motorcycle tracks with much fanfare, ceremony, and more than a tipple, in fact quite liberal lubrication from our fabulous alcohol sponsors. We decided instead to do some stuff. The stuff we did when they weren't here. The stuff that put smiles on our dials. Stuff that we knew would be rad as together with our friends and family who were traveling in. Today we went Enduro riding. Did you know that Bali is, in fact, a largely uncultivated island, look at the west part and you will find, other than a thin band in both the north and south, mountains that dominate the entire middle and there ain't a lot of civilization in between. Today we took our off-island mates there 'cause it's perfect for having a burn in the bush. We kept the numbers respectable splitting into two. Morning and arvo and the feedback from all from abroad was that the riding was amazing. Could we ask for a better compliment? probably, but the fact they came home spent was testimony that day one of the Deus (deconstructed) Slidetoberfest was something people hadn't reckoned on. Tomorrow we got more. We have to add a massive thanks to our friends at Bali Dirt Bikes. Without them, we'd not had this amazing day of fun. There is a reason they are number 1!