Deus 'Silver Streak'

The Bengkel boys put this bike together so fast, I hardly noticed its evolution in the workshop. This stock Scorpio retained its mono rear shock setup and has been dubbed 'The Silver Streak.'
In keeping the mono shock, the workshop warriors cut their fabrication time down, and concentrated on giving this ride a few unique touches. A Japanese Aluminum allow tank spent a little time in the paint booth, and received an understated yet sleek side coating. Keeping consistent with the tank is the engine, polished up on the sides, and sporting a hint of black applied on the inside of cooling fins on the head.
Custom front and rear spoilers keep the mud from flinging as you blast around fields and side roads...And the slight raise of the hand made exhaust keeps you out of trouble navigating river crossings. The side mounted Daytona Speedo keeps the handlebars clean and is small enough not to be noticed unless you want to.
All in all this build was quick and efficient, a perfect little blaster for Bali's roads...on and off!...The good news is...its up for grabs at the Temple, just swing by the showroom and give it a glace.