Deus Nine Foot and Single 2016 – Talking Boards

The fifth annual Shapers’ Forum is a chance to kick back after a fun day of Fish Frying and surfing to hear story talked by some of the world’s leading shapers and surfers. A warm Canggu night welcomed the audience, images of the day’s surfing action ticking away gently on a big screen to bring the beach and the waves back to the Temple. With stacks of surfing on a diversity of boards taking place at the beach, this evening’s Shapers’ Forum gave an insight into the elements that make a good board, from its pedigree and influences to rail shapes, contours and fin setups. Thomas Bexon, Jye Byrnes and Bob McTavish took to the stage, an accumulation of almost a century of shaping experience (the majority admittedly laying snuggly under Bob’s belt). Both foam mowers draw inspiration from surfing across the ages, amalgamating their knowledge into contemporary craft with timeless qualities. Joined on stage by surfers Harrison Roach, Zye Norris and Josh Constable, all of whom also frequently venture into the shaping bay, the complete stories of designs could be traced from inception to first wave, the surfers able to convey the design assets to the ride and performance. Consummate in their abilities both in and out of the water, they had much to share with the attentive crowd, but there was still a mellow atmosphere, as many jokes thrown and beers downed, on and off stage, as in-depth detail shared. It is this unbiased approach to waveriding and surfboard design that Deus embraces, a ‘ride anything’ mantra that reinforces the idea of surfing for the pure enjoyment of it, not just to impress or because it is what is seen in the magazines. Cold beers, friends new and old, historical tales and good times, the Deus Shapers’ Forum completed day one of the 2016 Deus Nine Foot and Single, chilled but educational, interesting yet endearing. A 7am call for competition the following morning didn’t deter many from knocking back a few and keeping the party rolling well into the night. There may be a couple of sore heads on the beach at first light for the opening rounds of the Deus Womp Comp, but that’s just all part of the fun. Photos: @kelibow @gianggowphoto More info: