Deus Bali - South to Sian Premiere

It would be hard to follow up such a massive day of action, but the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm rose to the challenge. Dustin Humphrey’s ‘South to Sian’ is an epic saga of the classic Indonesian road trip. Harrison Roach and Zye Norris packed two bikes, a stack of surfboards and a shabby tent into a 1978 Land Rover and took off on a 4,000 kilometre mission from West Nusa Tenggara, across the Indo archipelago to Lagundri Bay in the far north of Sumatra. Tonight, this epic movie, filmed over many months, received its Indonesian premiere – only the third global screening – to a packed house. Director Dustin was joined on stage by the film’s stars, Zye and Harrison, producer Anthony Dodds, director of photography Andre Cricket and the movie’s cast. Divulging the behind the scenes tales of this incredible undertaking, they offered an unseen background to the film, talking of the highs and lows of their months on the road, exploring the region’s secret – and not-so-secret – waves and locations. The wrapped audience listened intently until the lights dimmed, the screen flickered and ‘South to Sian’ emerged on the big screen, seen for the very first time on the island of Bali and only by a small handful of people around the world. An absolutely packed house upwards of 400 avid viewers, with standing room only available in the Temple back yard, was utterly unthralled, screaming and hollering at the incredible footage and roaring their appreciation as the credits rolled. There’s little to say that could describe the experience, other than that it will be internationally available for all to see July 1st through Garage Entertainment. A final return to the beach tomorrow will see the Under Nine Foot & Single paddle out at 7am sharp, with the Ladies’ Log Fest taking to the water straight after. Three days down, one to go, but the Deus Nine Foot & Single won’t be fading away – stay tuned for more. Photos: @lokiemarley @kelibow @gianggowphoto Check for your nearest premiere.