Deus Kite Cam 3000

Have you ever had a crazy idea as you go about your day, and then think about it later and actually go over the logistics of it, and come to realize that as crazy as it sounds, it's well within the realms of feasibility?
Ladies and Gentlemen I am very proud to present to you the brand spanking new 'Deus Kite Cam 3000'...a crazy idea that came to fruition (with a little help from the locals.) The Deus 'Temple of Enthusiasm' needed to be documented from the air, and now its as easy as flying a kite.
No more do you have to spend stupid amounts of money leasing helicopters and planes to capture great aerial images. With Deus Kite Cam all you need is : - A custom built kite, a camera small enough to ride the thing and two more than helpful local kids from the village to man-handle and steer it.
(The kites are large and the wind strong, so please people...leave it to the professionals)