Deus Indonesia Look Book - Spring 2012 Collection

Why read the book when you can watch the movie? Or better yet, why not do both. I’m sure by now you’ve familiarized your self with the “Deus Look Book” blog we did last week. Now, we’ve gone one step beyond, and put together a little behind the scenes video of that zany afternoon of shooting with our good mate Reno. It’s not all nuts and bolts and foam around here at “The Temple”. Along with customizing bikes and scratching out wave sliders and in-between seshing the mini ramp in the paddies or even jamming live music out under the stars, we also design clothes. And we do say so our selves, we do come up with choice cuts for you to choose from. This is not a biased opinion, even though we all do have a closet full of slick garments. It’s just a fact. So next time your drooling over your keyboard, putting your Deus wish list together, click on to the clothing icon and check out the threads we do that will keep you fresh dressed, to impress…