Deus Gladak Sessions No. 6 - Black Rabbit George Ft. Leanna Rachel

It was pretty evident from the day we opened our doors here in Canggu, that The Temple of Enthusiasm would be a magnet for all things creative passing through Bali shores, a hub that allowed people express their art forms in a variety of mediums from painting and sculpting to singing and performing.

Over the years we have been blessed by more than one visit from musically gifted individuals, so to try and make the most out of having their energies within the Temples walls we set up the Deus 'Gladak Sessions'

A Gladak is a traditional Indonesian wooden house, that has been used here for 100's of years, constructed without the use of nails, they are joined together only by the sum of their parts. We have a few 100+ year old examples of these structures here at the Temple and regularly make use of the largest one and its warm and cozy acoustic properties whenever somebody with musical talent passes through our doors.

In the latest installment of the 'Gladak Sessions' we were lucky enough to have the collaborative sounds of 'Black Rabbit George' the front man from Australian rock band 'Tijuana Cartel' and American singer / songwriter Leanna Rachel. Their sounds coming together perfectly on this track, 'Any way you choose' So grab a cup of your favourite beverage, sit back and have a look at what goes on within these walls.