Deus Cafe x Kinhboy Takeover


The kinhboy Takeover has come and gone, leaving only a misty trail of sated appetites, echoes of Fleetwood Mac and the empty red lightbulbs which created the vivacious atmosphere radiating through the House of Simple Pleasures last night.

Another take over, another nod to Asian cuisine. This time though, Kinhboy set sail on a 5 course Asian fusion feast, worthy of any emperors ravenous palette.

Thats no exaggeration, this food is the real deal, and if you’ve had the pleasure of nibbling on any Kinhboy delicacy you’d understand why both seatings sold out in under a week, and local Camperdown foot traffic was queued around the block til late in the PM.

Yellow Fin Tuna, Kinfish, Banh Xeo Taco (crowd favourite), Cod Roe Dip and Stuffed Calamari. I could say more, but I’m not sure I need to. Simply outstanding. (See photos for mouth watering). 

We came for the food, and stayed for the booze. Many a hat were tipped toward our bartenders last night and an extra special nod goes to the Kinh-Boy’s for whizzing together the Aloe Gin and Sakura Mojito cocktails which saw patrons well lubricated through the courses.

An honourable mention also swings the way of Young Henrys for supplying a beer tasting and many frosted cans for those more inclined to a yeast-filled offering.

All in all last night was the night of all last nights. It was great to see The House in full swing again, and we can’t wait to share another takeover with you all soon!

Photo Monkey: @kenyonbatterson