Deus Cafe Bali - The rebound

Tuesday just gone marked a little milestone, we finally breathed life back into the Deus Cafe in Canggu. Man, it felt great. The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm is something of a behemoth with many moving parts so to have a few of those bits and departments closed these past few months left us thinking of them like phantom limbs, trust us when we say it was more than a little eerie for those that visited during that time and the skeleton staff who worked here.

The Cafe is one of our vital organs, but it too had been sleeping waiting for the proverbial prince’s kiss to reawaken, and on Tuesday that’s exactly what it did.

Old and new friends and a whole bunch we call family, flocked in to say g’ day and toast us well. DJ NCDEM’s sent out a fine set of funky tunes that saturated the place from start to finish. And sixteen guests got the gift that will keep on giving, an indelible forget me not, one of our signature free tattoos.

During the shutdown, we hadn’t been resting on our laurels. Making good use of the downtime to do a bit of rejigging on the layout. We reconfigured for your comfort to make our place more relaxed and welcoming. Now you’ll find places where you can come to spread with new lounges out front. Courtyard cafe tables are great for a sneaky coffee or lunch while Canggu slides by. We step changed the bar and smartened up our cocktail niche giving you a small room vibe in a big place space.

Probably the most important thing we did though can’t be seen at a glance, we completely dusted out the kitchen before chef Eko rolled up his sleeves and got to work distilling the menu into a new lean mean delicious machine. Whether you want a little or a lot there’s a combination there for any and all.

Tuesday was our opening but the rest of the week and the ones after that are our plan. If you find yourself in Canggu Bali now or later we hope you pop in and try the new space and the fine-tuned food and drink offerings.

The Deus Cafe is Open Monday - Sunday from midday to late.

We serve food until 10 pm nightly.

You can check out our menu and book here