Deus Bordeaux Pop-Up Store

For the next three months, exactly 206 kilometers from our French Flagship in Biarritz, Deus Ex Machina has given birth to its second prodigy: The Hangar of Tenacity in Bordeaux, France.   

Good people of Bordeaux will be able to experience the spirit and soul of The Deus Tenement Of Tenacity in Biarritz, as Deus France opens ‘The Hangar of Tenacity’, a retail pop-up in the heart of Bordeaux.

We couldn’t have found a more welcoming, warm and unique location to set-up our second pop-up store. Nestled within the Bord’Eau Village, the pop-up will house a selection of all things Deus, including art, boards, bicycle, apparel and accessories.

Being France's most prominent wine region, Bordeaux is home to some of the world best wine estates – with the historic part of the town landing on the UNESCO World Heritage List for "an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble" from the 18th century.

A Deus Ex Machina sanctuary is a condensed venue, full of potency and enthusiasm, divided in two parts. Front: the Adyton of our temple, a special nest with our Deus collections at heart. Behind: the Café, where you can enjoy some of our finest coffee

So for the next 3 months, whether you are from Bordeaux or elsewhere, be sure to come and share with us your enthusiasm for the red wine.

Get down and check it out before it’s gone.

Open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am – 7pm.

Deus Ex Machina - The Hangar of Tenacity

Quai des Chartrons - Hangar 16

33300 Bordeaux