Deus at Sacred Craft

Our good friend and Australian colleague, Damion Fuller is currently in San Diego sliding a white-gloved finger over the sensuous contours of contemporary surf culture in his capacity as "expert appraiser" at the SACRED CRAFT surf expo. Sacred Craft is a two-day event honoring the current state of surfboards and the culture that flows from it. The exhibition includes "live acts" by regarded shapers and laminators, art music, film plus a tribute to Simon Anderson on the 30-year anniversary of his iconic Thruster design. When it comes to raising a scorecard on surfboards of a "classic" nature, Damion is considered by at least half his mates to be something of an authority, having created the iconic, The Board Collector blog in 2007. The 'Collector' is a celebration of surfboard design during its most frenetic period, between 1975 and 1985. Visitors to the event will also be greeted at the door by the latest addition to the DEUS motorcycling stable, THE DROVERS DOG. The 'Dog' features an introduced set of front and rear 18 inch mag rims capable of pulling up more tar on a stretch of coastal highway than a veteran smoker during a coughing fit. Legendary Stateside mechanic (and we don't think it's too early to describe him as such), Michael 'Woolie' Woolaway fabricated this bad boy and delivered it, "teeth brushed" in record time for the show. Worth the price of admission right there.