Deus 9ft & Single 2017 kicks off with the Fish Fry Comp

Its here folks, the 7th annual Deus 9ft and Single Surf Music and Art Festival kicked off today with our inaugural ‘Deus Fish Fry Comp’ down at The Lawn at Batu Bolong. The sun peaked its head over the horizon to reveal a little windy, but fun conditions, putting smiles across the competitors faces in the post dawn light. This was a contest centred around and celebrating the Fish surfboard and all those who love it, and boy are there a lot of people who love it.

With contestants from Australia, Japan, America, New Zealand and Indonesia, it truly was an international lineup of surfers all rubbing shoulders down at our local left hander. Battling it out through the day with smiles on their faces, the real standouts were local Canggu surf community boys, Ayok, Jun, and Sodok along with the grom Tom Morat and once the free beers started flowing in the late morning the cheers from the crowd could be heard from the back yard at Deus Temple, spurring those in the water on until finally there were four…but we can’t let you know who won, for all will be revealed at Sunday nights Wrap Up Party.

It looks like the swell is filling in nicely and should be pretty big for when we move to Pererenan beach tomorrow for the Womp Comp. Make sure you are there bright and early if you want to get a glimpse at a bunch of a guys and gals tackling the lineup on their bellies for what is sure to be an amazing day in the sun!