DEATH RIDES A HORSE デス ライズ ア ホース Deus Ex Machina has finished its latest adventure film. ‘DEATH RIDES A HORSE’ Six friends, four bikes, and a quiver of surfboards. A story about a journey to find oneself in a remote corner of Baja California, a place were tourists are not likely to venture. Amongst magnificent, jaw-dropping scenery created by Mother Nature the likes of none ever before seen, the friends produce their very own 2-wheeled art on a canvass of sand, then when they reach their long-anticipated destination of the sea, savor the mellow waves like none elsewhere on the planet. To celebrate the completion of this film, previews were held around the world by Deus brethren, with Japan’s held on April 19th at Deus Harajuku accompanied by Harry Mark's highly praised imagery from the project. On this night, the basement that transforms into a DJ-run bar every Thursday and Friday night, became the venue for the screening. Inspired by the film’s location of Mexico, the food and drink served that night included plenty of fresh avocado, fresh salsa, Mezcal and Corona. The lights went out, and the film’s cool narration began. When the last of the credits rolled through, the choice selection of tunes by DJ Eames & Gui accompanied by more Mezcal livened up the atmosphere in true Friday night style. デウスエクスマキナの最新アドベンチャームービーが完成。 デス ライズ ア ホース 6人の仲間、4台のバイク、クイーバー一式 観光客など訪れることもなかろうバハカリフォルニアの僻地を舞台に自分のことを知る旅物語。 今まで見たことのない自然界が作り出す壮大な美しい景色、砂漠のキャンバスには自分たちだけの二輪のアートを描き、 待ちに待った海に出ると、他の場所では味わえないメローな波を存分に味わう。 この映画の完成を祝い、世界各地で試写会が開催され、日本では4/19にデウス原宿店で開催。 毎週木曜金曜の夜だけDJバーとなる地下のフロアが、この夜は上映会&DJバーに。 フード&ドリンクも映画の舞台メキシコをイメージし、フレッシュなアボカド&サルサのディップ、 メスカル、コロナをたっぷりと用意。 場内の照明が落とされ、渋いナレーションで映画が始まる。 映画のエンドロールが終わると、DJ Eames & Guiのナイスな選曲とメスカルで金曜の夜を盛り上げた。 Special Thanks : Corona & Mezcal Amores Photos by Keisuke Tanigawa