Dane Peterson

Many different styles of art forms fall upon the grounds of “The Temple”. Random shapers drop in and shuffle about the bay doing the dusty cross-step that they do oh so well. Musicians flock to the backyard stage like zombies looking for fresh flesh on a moonlit walk. Yah it’s fair to say we get a plethora of creative folks doing all sorts of stuff around these parts. In the past, we have seen a few different photographers grace our walls, Tom Hawkings, Dustin Humphrey and of course Hugh Stewart. But now there’s a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name of Dane Peterson. Dane spent the better part of his teenage youth on the beaches of southern California, Long Beach more specifically, surfing and living his dream. His skills in the water took him to many an exotic spot on this vast marble in space known as earth. Along the way some smart person put a camera in his hand and the rest is visual history. Dane’s knack for capturing the essence of what surfing is to so many of us is top dog in our book. Whether it’s a double page spread, a soft focused soul arch or just two bros sipping tall cans as the sun falls for the night, one cant help but feel as if there in the mix of it. So if any of these images sound up your ally, then swing past to “The Temple” and check out the visual shingles that are now painting our showroom walls… So with no more need of an introduction we bring you 10 questions with Dane Peterson… Us. State your full name and zodiac symbol? Him. Dane Kristopher Peterson, Cancer/Leo cusp Us. Nice I’m an Aquarius. Us. Where do you call home these days? Him. Been residing in and around the Noosa heads area now for some 11 years. Us. When you’re back in the L.B.C do you kick it with Snoop? Him. I haven’t kicked it with Snoop for a while. After he pinched my blue bandanna I’ve been kinda off him. Speak of the devil, he just texted me. Us. You’re involved with the Aus. based mag Foam Symmetry, how’s that going and do you have any other side projects on the go? Him. Yeah, I’ve been assisting with the art and photographic direction at FS for the last 12 months. It’s been a super rad project and one I’ve learnt a lot from. But as of issue four (wrapping up now) I’ve gone back to the freelance game to try and spark some more personal creativity. Us. F.C.S or Captain Fin? Him. Captain Fin- Hand foils. Us. Would you stop to watch a fight between a Hesher and Hipster, and would you shoot it? Him. Hahahahahahaa fuck I dunno, it’s depends on the state of mind I was in at the given time. I more than likely wouldn’t be anywhere near that sort of thing and don’t condone the act of violence. But I might blow a gram on it with a cheeky caption referencing the retardedness of both sub cultures and tag DHUMP/Deus in it. AHAHAHHAA Us. Who put your first camera in your hand? Him. I really couldn’t tell you. There’s’ no photos to my knowledge of me ever holding a camera from my younger years. But the first time I ever really meant to take a photo I borrowed a little point and shoot from a friend for an overseas trip when I was around 19/20, and been hooked ever since. Us. You a Black Sabbath man? Him. Ozzy before Dio… Am I being “Paranoid”? Us. I’m all Ozzy and a little Dio. Us. Do you find yourself reinventing your style to stay ahead of the game or when its time to adjust, you just make your move? Him. Do I find myself reinventing my style to stay ahead of the game… Hahahahahaa. To be honest I never really think about it in those terms. And honestly I really don’t give too much of a shit about what anyone else is doing or the “game” your speaking of. I just try to have fun each and every time I utilize a camera, as well making the most out of the time I spend with the people I’m making pictures with. Everyday I have a moment where I get super pumped from seeing my mates getting a rad image of there’s published. It’s just a super fun and creative outlet that I’m fortunate enough to not starve to death doing. Us. What are your thoughts on a surf movie with very tasteful lesbian scenes in the foreground? Him. Well that’s definitely something I’m yet to see, and not particularly into… I know there’s a lot of RAD lady loggers/shredders out there that probably wouldn’t dig on it… But then again there’s also a lot that might… There you have it, “10 questions with Dane Peterson”. He may have not told you what you wanted to hear, but he told you the truth and you got to respect that …