Carny comes to town

The preparations for the Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest are slipping into overdrive. The field is overfull and we’ve got ‘wanna starts’ waiting for ‘no shows’ in the wings. Seems we have new arrivals happening on the hour. This prattle isn’t so much about the not here yets, as it is the few that flew north a little earlier than those with commitments. They’ve been seen down at the river mouth riding most days, early then again late. They’ve had waves being served up a little larger than a log would normally like, which has pushed these name brand riders onto a multitude of alternative shapes. Those seen riding this assortment of single fins include a longboarding front guard. Guys like Matt ‘Cuddles’ Cuddihy, Jared Mell and Matt Chojnacki. Alex Knost also rocked up to ride with his good buddy, filmmaker, Jack Coleman., whose two films are being shown at Deus this Friday night the 15th June 2012. There’s been one particular Deus Tracker shaped by Ellis Ericsson that’s not showing any favoritism and has been seen under so many different peoples feet that it might need to be renamed the Town Bike. A couple of notable exceptions, as with any rule. Harrison Roach, mostly known as a nose rider has just been absolutely loving what his Niel Purchase Jr. thruster is doing. He’s frothing each time he’s both in & out of the surf. Thomas ‘Doc’ Bexon, cutting his own part, has indeed been riding his log out in the larger than usual logging conditions. If you ask him, we did, he’ll tell ya he’s just lazy when it comes to paddling. We are not sold on that excuse though. We think he’s putting in some training ahead of Sundays event.