Carby Tuckwell On His Creative Process: A Type 7 Film

In 2005 Carby Tuckwell left the corporate design world to join forces with ‘Mambo’ founder Dare Jennings on a bold experiment in the future of retail, known today as Deus Customs. His role and vision as Creative Director of the brand has cemented Deus in the subcultural zeitgeist of the motorcycle, surfing and fashion world. With flagship stores in LA, Milan, Tokyo, Bali and Sydney (to name only a few), Deus is a case study in multi-disciplinary enthusiasm. With a creative process firmly planted in experimentation, Carby’s art is inimitable. We join Carby in his studio to find out more about his uniquely authentic approach to the creative process.

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Director: Lincoln Caplice
Production Company: Mojave Productions
Producer: Harrison Mark
Director of Photography: Campbell Brown
Editor: Lucas Vasquez
Colourist: Ferg Rotherham
Art Director: Benjamin Feslet
First Camera Assistant: Tom Brooks
Second Camera Assistant: James Campbell, Ivan Esteban
Music: Thom Pringle
Sound Design: Josh Pearson, Timothy Bridge, Sonar Music
Gaffer: Jay MacNeill Best Boy: Noel Franco
Precision Driver: Benjamin Toyer
Camera Car Operator: Beau Sevastos & Scorpio Ops
Camera Car Precision Driver: Ethan Syenham
Camera Car Tech: Joy Yotawong
Flame Operator: Mikey Brown, Fin Design + FX
Special Thanks: Scorpio Ops, Southern Cross Cameras, Sydney Motorsport Park