Can't help but go right

The great thing about little comps like our Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest is it brings together a whole heap of friends who normally frequent different points on the globe. No small wonder that when they do get together a little road trip rises to the surface like oil on water. This morning before the sun had peered out from below the horizon they were putting boards on the back of the truck and heading over to the other side of the island. The big swell that came in last night almost guaranteed them waves there. Their back, fed and watered and most dispersed for a relaxing afternoon of massages and naps, before perhaps a wave or two just before dark. Then home for a shower before heading up to Deus Temple tonight as we get the Fest underway with the Deus Bedsheet Picture Show. It’s just that, a home made screen made from an oversized bedsheet on a timber frame in the backyard, no airs nor frills. We’ll drag out the lounges, get some rugs on the lawn and chill to some movies. Nothing second rate with the content though we’ve got top notch eye candy with a trifector of Bali premiers. Jack Coleman’s two movies, Polyester & Happy Beach as well as the Deus produced Jimmy James movie, Tracking. Be sure to pop in. Tomorrow we have a day full. Bali Fish Fry will kick off from ten. If you have ever wanted to try before you buy this is the day for it. A plethora of different shapes will be down on the Grassy knoll at Tugu. We have Fish, Log’s, Hull’s, Single Fins, Trackers & Bonzors. There must one amongst that bunch you’ve always wanted to ride. Nows ya chance… If you’ve got your own super special board and would like to share, bring it along with you, we’re keen to see it. Saturday evening is without doubt going to be sick. Bob McTavish & Rich Pavel two of surfing’s legend shapers will be joined on stage with some of today’s new guard, Thomas Bexon, Ryan Birch and Alex Knost . A shapers exchange. Ask those Q’s on board design you’ve always wanted an answer to, our brains trust will be more than able to set you straight. An insiders tip for those in the market for a new board, especially if your someone who is after that special something for the quiver. Both Bob McTavish & Rich Pavel will be taking a few custom orders. These will be one off boards. Both these guys only has enough space on their dance card to produce a few in the limited amount of time here in Bali. Boards will be shaped at the Deus Temple in Canggu. Do not miss out on the not to be repeated offer. For now enjoy some images of the multinationals that have arrived in Bali to ride in the Deus 9′ & Single Log Fest Sunday from 7am at the Sandbar Canggu.