Hope you're all revved up for the latest play on metal to pop out of the Bali Bengkel. It leaves itself open to more puns than you can throw a fork at. You'd have to agree it's a whole lot of pun. This little C 70 is another example of our mad professors dreams. What would happen if you rebuilt the whole front end with the left over forks from a Yamaha SSX. Well now we all know‚ it's a bit of a shock. The frame took a whole lot of work to get it to hold onto the forks nice and tight, Bagio had his work cut out for him. Angling to keep the heights all good and proper, a fair bit of rake had to added into the front, wheelie cool. It's got this sweet little Japanese seat and the black they used all over the engine is a wrinkle to consider. Corrugated custom side covers give it a Junkers Aircraft bent and the paint shop excelled with a very tasty aubergine paint job. These Super Cubs are hard to get a grip on at the best of times and this one's definitely cranked it up a gear. Guaranteed you'll never get tired of it!