Build Diaries - The Scorpio Pt1

The last few weeks have been a frenzy of activity at the hive we call the House, with the Welcome back Surf Swap, Bob Mctavish Evening and Top Gear festival next weekend our feet haven't touched the ground. Not content to keep the circus in the tent (or rather the House) we planned a road trip up the east coast this week, the lads will arrive shaken and well stirred in Queensland just in time for the Noosa Longboard Festival. With a bunch of the boys from the Temple coming out for the event, it only seemed right to round up our Aussie surfers (Noosa surfers to be more exact), fly em down to Sydney and make them ride all the way home. Matt Cuddihy lacked a set of wheels for the trip, so we quickly put him to work. This is how it unfolded. "For the last few years I’ve been riding motorcycles to beat the parking problems in my hometown of Noosa. I’ve been fixing basic things on the my little 250 V twin like rust and headlight mounts and wanting to learn more the idea came up of flying to Sydney and building a bike in the Deus workshop and then riding it home to Noosa. When I arrived in Sydney I dropped my bags off and got right into it. I looked around and found the frame sitting on the workbench and it dawned upon me the task we had to finish in a week’s time. I hadn’t used a grinder much and I was hesitant at first but got over the fear of cutting into the frame to remove old seat mounts , tank mounts and all these other unnecessary things the stock model had".