Bryan Palacious

23 year old artist, Bryan Palaciosgrew up near the Mexican boarder, with a father from Mexico and a mother from the United States. His family ran a restaurant in Mexico and he went to school in the states, so its safe to say he's crossed that invisible line enough times to know the boarder staff on a first name basis.His transition into the world that is art came about in his high school years, friends were doing it, he got into it and it grew from there. He described his inspiration as being "environment based." He says "The environment is always changing thus my art is always evolving" which is a pretty cool concept…Move somewhere new and your feelings towards your new said surroundings will change. When I asked him about which medium he prefers to use he said "whatever is available to me," "I prefer canvas, but a lot of the times its not readily at hand, so I use whatever I can to be creative." You can see this attitude come out in his Bali project, 'DriftWood Series' which comprises of mini collages made from items he had found along Bali's shores.