Blue Moon

No manufacturer has leaned into 'modern classic' style motorcycles harder than Triumph, half of their current line-up harkens to the tenets of old-school simplicity. One of the smallest motorcycles in the fleet, the Street Twin (ST) is no exception. Boasting identical power to the bonneville at a modest 55hp but weighing 30 kilos less, decent handling and a smooth ride, It was the street twins low-key appeal that made it the perfect candidate for owner Paul's desire to create a capable street scrambler.  

After recruiting head wrench Jeremy Tagand to take on the build, top of the list for the makeover was where the rubber meets the road. A hefty set of Canyon Motorcycles wheels were chosen to give the ST more presence, spouting a 180 rear and a 150 front provides a much larger footprint. To make the 150 front wheel work a set of custom clamps from Down And Out Motorcycles were installed. Keeping the bike suspended above the new wheels is some trick YSS kit, up front stiffer springs and valve kit were chosen, and in the rear 1" longer shocks were bolted on. Pirelli Rally tyres make sure the ST stays upright when it leaves the blacktop and Beringer Brakes caliper and disc take care of the anchors. 

The blessing and curse of having an already classic looking motorcycle is that short of some blinkers, mirrors and a tail tidy, the cosmetics are usually taken care of for you. But this wasn't going to appease the ever ambitious Paul. The front and rear fenders were replaced with new alloy pieces. A plethora of Baak Motorcyclette parts were affixed to the chassis including leather gaiters, leather cable ties, skid plate, front indicator bracket, ignition relocation and a headlight kit with a Motogadget speedo recessed within. The stock 7/8" bars were ditched for a 1" set, the switch blocks replaced with Motonecustoms units, Purpose Built Moto scrambler mirrors and Kustom Tech brake and clutch perches finish off the simplified cockpit. Lastly Kellermann Company Bullet 1000 indicators illuminate the lefts, rights and stops.

In order to coax the last stubborn ponies from the stable SC Project iconic mufflers were mated to some custom Hitechmufflers headers. A K&N filter and Dyno Jet Research PCV allowed RB Racing to refine the air/ fuel cocktail to perfection. 

The final touches come by way of some silky Longbeach Blue paint by Juds Kustom Paint and impeccable leather work by Badarsetrimco using the same leather from the fork gaiters for the seat and grips. 

Unlike some customs destined for a tech firms polished concrete lobby, this twin will be put through its paces on the North Island of New Zealand, enjoy Paul.

Build By - Jeremy Tagand
Photos By - Kenyon Batterson