Be free, use a Fat (Tyre)

Milan is a wonderful city but it's complicated for cycling. Indeed traffic and tram rails make using bikes hard and sometimes dangerous. Deus Cycleworks is not able to make the cars disappear but we are willing to solve the problem of the crashes caused by thin wheels stuck in the tram rails through FAT TYRES. We followed our customers during their daily life around the city using our bicycles. We crossed Milan’s most beautiful places: Cathedral Squadre, Brera historic district and Sempione park. We took pictures of three of our best bikes to start. This first story, is dedicated to the classic Deus Fat Tyre Cruiser and Sport frame, one ridden by our female customer and one more fast ridden by Luca. Because Deus Fat Tyre Sport is at same time fast and both apt to move nimbly among the cars. It's the perfect bike to get around the city in the safest way. Thanks to a dedicated frame, able to house a real fat tyre. A 2.35x26 Schwalbe, that is the best way to ride trough a city full of rail, hole and road with cubic stone. And to enjoy it every day.