Barber Vintage Festival

When Woolie's not building beautiful hand-crafted motorcycles in his workshop at the Emporium in Venice, you can usually find him out in our local mountain ranges fiendishly wringing the neck of one of his poor dirt bikes. As a veteran racer going fast is a hard habit to break. So when an opportunity arose for Woolie to put his 1974 Honda CR250 Elsinore up against a field of other vintage racing freaks we jumped at the chance. Gearing up our trusty van with track motobabe Stacie B London and her Triple Nickel 555, we hit the road for AHRMA's premier event in Birmingham, Alabama, the Barber Vintage Festival. What was found when we got there boggled our minds. A smorgasbord of two-wheeled fun: track racing, cross country, motocross, Wall of Death, and swap meets. Like a mini gang of chubby kids in a candy shop we couldn' keep our hands from dabbling in a little bit of everything as we meandered through the stalls in the Ace Cafe Corner while making friends with a host of hip cats from Iron & Air, Ace Cafe London, Revival Motorcycles', Maple Denim, Loaded Gun, Dime City Cycles, Choppahead, and Do the Ton. The racing action was no slouch either with Woolie leading his field for a good long run in the cross country event and Stacie handling her business on the road course. Though podium finishes ended up not being in the cards for us, this fine weekend of vintage motorcycling could not be beat.