Art Vs. Function

The Deus Gallery has a new show up in the Deus Gallery! Its a banger!
They say two heads are better than one, and that can definitely be said about the latest collection of boards to come out of Bob McTavish’s stint in the Temple shaping bay - a collaborative effort between the man himself and professional glasser and artist Jake Bowery AKA ‘Cut Laps’. As a young surfer/shaper in the 60’s and 70’s, Bob McTavish was instrumental in the development of short board surfing and is still considered a pioneer at the forefront of the surfboard industry today.During the short board revolution of the 70’s shapers in the industry were cutting feet off boards so fast that mid length boards - the in-between in the evolutionary path between long boards and short boards - were soon left behind and forgotten. Bowery, responsible for perhaps some of the best glassing jobs out there in the world today, and McTavish, notorious for delivering his promise on shaping boards with cutting edge design and performance as well as impeccable quality, have joined heads to produce a limited edition set of midlenghts boards. Having the same high standard performance attributes that all McTavish boards have, combined with Bowery’s impressive yet modest art and resin inlays, this concept is reminiscent of that short but sweet period in surfing history that bridged two different styles of surfing together- an idea that had its conception right here on the Temple grounds.These boards have enough body to surf and step but are still short enough to maneuver, making it suitable for two-foot waves or six-foot waves. They pack a punch, and it’s not a bad thing that they look great too. And though these limited edition surfboards may look like art pieces appropriately on display in the Temple gallery, they were built for one thing: to surf. So without further ado, the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm proudly presents to you Deus x McTavish x ‘Cut Laps’ Stepdeck. It’s fun to ride. It’s fucking sexy. It’s a symbol of the evolution of surfing… So if your in the area come in and have a look!