Andy Six String's seventh string. Short film maker.

"Andy Six String" might be someone you may, or may not, know by night from our rockin' "Sunday Sunset Sessions" here at the Canggu Temple of Enthusiasm. He's the guitar plucking hero that is one half of 'Özlem and Andy' as well as '5 Songs from God'. But this post isn't about him after dark. You see during the day he changes. A completely different beast during the sunlight hours.
People we are not speaking Hulk like, it's subtler, more Superman to Clark Kent. In the heat of the day he's more of an Andrew than an Andy. Mature, (hmmm) mild mannered and a movie maker to boot. His debut film here on the Deus Bali Blog was covering the '9ft and Single' surfing competition a few months back. CLICK HERE to check it out.
He has just bumped his latest masterpiece up onto Vimeo. A down the lens documentry of the shaping, surfing and backyard Bali antics of Thomas 'Doc' Bexon during his tenure here to the "Temple". The unassuming maverick maestro has perfectly distilled a day in Thomas' life. The smiles, the surfing, the shaping, the boyfriend, the mate and the guy behind that big beard.
Andy, or should I call you Andrew? Either way, we love ya work.
Wanna closer look? Check it out!
A slice of what Doc got up to on his last venture to Bali. shaping at Deus, logging Tugu and all the scooter riff-raff you can imagine. Music by Radio Moscow - 'City Lights'