Acid Rainbow Flower

The Temple of Enthusiasm has seen the likes of a few different artists who have joined us for the residence artist program. Stevie Gee, Mia Taninaka, Sandow Birk and who can forget Rockin Jellybean to name a few and our latest artist to live in the wood house in the paddies is none other than Mr. Ozzie Wright. So I sat down with the man himself and got to the core of what makes him, well him… Us- State your full name and zodiac sigh? Him- Oscar Billy Wright I’m a cancer and year of the dragon. Us- Your signature on some of your pieces are signed Ozzie Wrong is that your alter ego? Him- Yes. Shit, what’s an alter ego, I got it from some hate mail I received and I thought it had a nice ring to it. Us- A lot of these pieces in this show look like your wife Mylee would you say she’s your biggest inspiration? Him- Yes she’s a big inspiration for sure, we spend a lot time together she’s a lot of fun so yes, but there not all her. But she did cut her hair into a bob and then all my art has bob cuts. Us-You said you had a few beers last night, is it to early for a few now? Him- (Laughing), I got to much work to do, did you see those two big canvases out there, well it does sound good though. Us- You a Black Sabbath man? Him- Yeah I like a bit of Sabbath. Us-Your kind of a well-rounded man, Family, surfing, artist, musician and that’s all I know about, do you find that each of them grounds you differently? Him- Uhmmm, Yep, The band doesn’t ground me at all, the family the most but they all balance each other and me out. Us- How did The Goons of Doom come to be? Him- We all used to live to in Narrabeen and we made a surf movie where we bought instruments as props and we just decided to give it a go, Vaughn and Killer Whale already played guitar so cowboy and I picked up the drums and bass, and well, the rest is history. Us- The Goons just finished their 3rd album how’s that going? Him- 3rd album ‘The Revenge of the Goons’ we recorded it in Sydney in two days and there are some sick songs on it! were proud of it! Us- What surfers did you watch growing up? Him- Ummmm, heaps let me think. Every one how was doing airs were my favorite. Christian Fletcher Nathan Fletcher. It was awesome then cuz not a lot of people were doing them, but now there so popular there a bit boring. And of course, the Ausi goofy footers Occy and Tommy Carol. Us- You’re here with your family for a bit of relaxation and vacation, how did this Deus Gallery art show come about, and how do you like the space your working in? Him- I was here on a bit of a holiday but I did like the idea of doing a bit of an art show while I was here. I love working in this wood environment (Temple). It makes me want to drink and paint. Us- Any last words? Him- Shoot Rainbows into Fascism… Well there you have it, the words according to Oscar Billy Wright, Cancer… All around hell hound. He loves his family. He feels that airs on waves are a bit boring and in this mans opinion he’s one cool cat in my book, and that all I need to consider him a bro… What a legend. The band he’s in ‘The Goons of Doom’ are playing here at Deus this Friday night along with his gallery opening ‘The Acid Rainbow Flower’ and it all kicks off over here at The Temple at 7pm sharp with free flow wine and Jim Beam. So don’t blow it by sitting at home watching Game of Thrones season two, even though it is rad… I’m Tyler Mars, and I’m done for the day… P.S. As I finished typing this interview up a winged horse swooped down and scooped Mr. Wrong and his family up and flew them into the clouds never to be seen again… True story…