A picture tells... More reflections

The designers have just finished putting the final touches to the Deus Bali Book MkII. Yours truly didn't even get a look in. Not one written word from go to yo. The powers that be, cobbled together all the Instamatics (just kidding Tom, Nicole, Monty and the other photogs) that we took documenting, what has definitely been a big year for Deus Bali, not to mention us and our lives.
Motorbikes, boards and bicycles. New friends, found and unfortunately one or two lost. Events and episodes. Visits, visitors and even migrants. Concerts for many and a couple for a few. Fathers with sons, mothers & daughters, family at play. Lessons learnt and a hell-ov-a learning curve. Hindsight you fickle beast. If I had of known I might have snapped off a couple as well. Thinking about it, thanks to these guys I don't have to.
While this book isn't a physical beast that we can touch and hold, Yet!!!. Here are a couple of screen shots of the spreads within. These little images don't really do justice so if your really interested in having a gander of the whole book, limited only by your monitor size, we are offering you a digital sneak peek over at ISSU, the Online Publishing Site.
It's been an amazing twelve months. Can't wait for the next. Yeewww!