A Day in Noosa

Right smack, bang in the middle of all the shenanigans that the Bali Deus crew were getting into. Jimmy James and Ellis Ericson lobbed into Noosa for an express 24hr stint, just to partake in the “Tracking” premiere. A huge effort considering they were on the first bird out at 6:30am to leap frog across the pacific and meet up with our mate Tyler Warren down in Costa Rica to finish off filming “The Tyler Warren Experiments”.

With daylight racing westward Jimmy still managed to whip off his shirt, pull out his camera and put together a short flick down at “Doc-n-Jakes” shaping shed, looking over Thomas’s latest creations as well as the Tracker,s Ellis had shaped for their trip ‘South of the border’. A few beers later and a bit of wax dabbed here and there, the crew were on the move. This time to “Tea Tree’s” for that last slide of the day.

Any-who, you get the set up on this one, so watch the short video and enjoy the slide…